(Moving On Company)

They presented the show as a TV programme, we were the audience, but we couldn’t change the channel; and maybe another kind of programme would be better!
The speed of the show was too fast for only two actors. It seemed like a race, many things were happening with our help. That was the funniest thing that happened.

The dialogue was too easy for us, but, otherwise, some people said that they couldn’t follow the show. I saw and heard that when the volunteers were completely lost inside the story.
I think the story was well developed, but not very appropriate for teen girls and boys like us; maybe for younger people.
Anyway, I had a great time. Many things could be replaced by others, but that’s my opinion.
Karla Pisano (3.B)

On 13th December, at school, we saw a play called “This is the BBC”, by the theatre company Moving On. The work was about a man called Harry, who wanted to work in the BBC, so he went to the BBC studio and he started to work there with the boss, Bob (it is a girl).
Afterwards Harry discovered that the BBC where he worked wasn’t the real BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). It was Bob’s Broadcasting Corporation. Bob explained that her grandma created this company many years ago, but at the moment it didn’t go very well. Harry helped Bob recover the audience with the help of the public.
  I think that this play was fine. The performance was great and also the pronunciation. But it was too easy for us. The story was simple and also the vocabulary. We have a higher level than that and I think that we can understand something more difficult.  

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