Last week, in English class, the students of DBH 1st (the classes 1A and 1B) worked in a project related to harvesting string vegetables. Each class learned about a different vegetable of the season; the students of 1A worked with cherry tomatoes and in 1B they worked with peppers. 

They did a group research for two days, and they presented their final panels, in English, in front of the class, giving information about… 

1.        History and description of the plant. Origin of the plant, characteristics, and season to harvest it.
2.       How is planting vegetables of the season good for the environment?
3.       The  steps to harvest the plants, and how to take care of them

The last day we all went to the urban garden to plant the peppers and cherry tomatoes together, and to water them. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy their fruits soon!