Yesterday, Tuesday 17th January, we saw a play. This play told the story of an unlucky man and his hotel. He didn’t have any clients. He spent all his money on the lottery.

One day a woman called Bob arrived at the hotel. She was an international criminal. Finally Bob and Harry (the unlucky man) made friends and they decided to go on with the hotel.

The years passed and they didn’t get any clients. But one day Bob thought that they could do an internet programme, called “Big Sister”. Finally, with the help of the public they got that programme to go on.

In my opinion, the play was for younger people. The actors didn’t act very well and they gesticulated a lot. Also the story wasn’t logical.

The best of the play was when the actors took people from the public and they used them to continue the story.

Garazi Oñederra (4.A)

Yesterday we saw a play, it was about luck. The argument was about a hotel. The owner, Harry, wanted to sell the hotel, and Bob wanted to buy it. But Bob was a criminal and when Harry discovers it, he obliges Bob to work in the hotel to get money. Bob knows about a lot of Japanese people who need a job, and he calls them. But they never come. A lot of years go by.

Harry decides to start recording a programme, “Big Sister”, and in 20 days one of the participants (Fran) wins the lottery with Harry’s ticket.

I think the play was very boring. The story didn’t have to do with luck. The only thing which had sense was that Harry was very superstitious.

In my opinion, the argument was very simple and uninteresting. I didn’t like it too much.
I participated in the play. I was Fran, the participant who wins the lottery. The actors were nice. I liked to take part in the play, it was very funny.

                                                                                                  Gaizka Varela (4.C) 

On Tuesday we say a play in English, it was called “With a Little Bit of Luck”. It was about a boy that had a hotel. A girl went to the hotel to rob, but finally they made friends. They reformed the hotel and they set up a programme to get money and audience. At the end they win the lottery and get audience.

In my opinion, the play was bad
because I think it was for younger children. With respect to the English level, it was Ok, I understood it.

                                                                                             Izaskun Aranzasti (4.B)

General opinion of 4th year students:

They think that the play was for younger students, too childish and nonsense. The English level was no problem, they understood very well (in some cases, they think it was too low for them). Most of them think that taking people from the public is very funny, they laugh when they see their friends acting, and many of them say it was quite entertaining in general.

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