(Eusko Jaurlaritzako bekak)
Two of our students in 4th year, Miriam Ugarte and Izar Verhorst, are going to Ireland and France respectively this summer, thanks to the grants given by the Basque Government.

Some of their classmates have interviewed them to know a little more and their feelings about it.

Interview to Miriam Ugarte, (by Garazi Oñederra)

Garazi:    Where are you going to go in Ireland?
Miriam:   I’m going to go to Drogheda.
Garazi:    What are your expectations?
Miriam:   I think that I will have an enjoyable summer. But I am a little bit scared, because I am too shy.
Garazi:    What have you done to get a grant?
Miriam:   First I had to have a school grant, then I needed to have good marks in the previous course, and of course, fill in the papers to ask for the grant!
Garazi:    Do you know anybody there?
Miriam:   No, I don’t.
Garazi:    When are you going to go?
Miriam:   In August.
Garazi:    Thank you for answering my questions and have a good time there!
Miriam:   You’re welcome!

Interview to Izar Verhorst, (by Garazi Cadierno, Eider Iturrate, Ane Lopez de Agileta and        Nagore Cuesta)

Garazi C.: Where are you going this summer?
Izar:           I’m going to France.
Eider I.:     Are you afraid of going to another family?
Izar:          Yes, I am. Because I am quite shy.
Ane L.:      Have you ever been to another family before?
Izar:           No, I haven’t.
Nagore:      How long are you going to stay?
Izar:           I’m going to stay for one month.
Garazi C:   What are your expectations?
Izar:           I hope I’ll meet a lot of people and, of course, practise French.
Eider:          Have a very good time!
Izar:            Thank you!

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