On the 27th of November the classes of Secondary school went to watch the play ‘The End of the Beginning’ by the company Moving On. The event took place in the school hall and it lasted almost one hour and a half. This company had already been in our school the previous year doing a play that turned out to be great.

One of the best things was the way the way they interacted with the audience since some of us went on stage. Before the performance they spoke with us and asked our names and when the play started they called us and explained to us what our task was. I was one of the lucky people to get on stage.

The play was about racism in the workplace and more precisely about the jobs that are assigned to certain nationalities. They showed this is a funny way because it was a musical, so at the end of the performance they sang a few songs.

From my point of view the songs were nice, but they sang very badly. But apart from this it was a good day and it helped us to learn more English . I would be extremely happy to see another play some time soon and all these activities are very welcome because you have a great time but they are also very useful for learning.

                                                                                              Garazi Oñate (3.DBH)

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